Buzzard Hollow Boys | Charlottesville, VA

dropcapf your horse is thirsty and the dust has made it's way into every open skin pore riding along side the Pea Vine railroad line between the Yazoo and Sunflower rivers in the upper delta of Mississippi, then you've listened to "Yazoo Basin Folktales." Have a drink. Try some Corn Likker, and watch out for snakes.

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Dirt Road Blues
Pea Vine Blues
Rattlesnake Blues
Bird Nest Bound
Jungle Man
Circle Around The Moon
Hog Collar
Good Corn Likker
Poor Me
Texas Blues

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Somewhere between the Dust Bowl and the Mississippi Delta - if Johnny Cash shook hands with Lightning Hopkins, on the road with Bob Wills - Moonshine Remorse Redemption was born.

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Listen to song samples below!

Banty Rooster Blues
Goin' Where The Chilly Winds Don't Blow
Pick Poor Robin Clean
Windsboro Cotton Mill Blues
Kentucky Moonshiner
Sue Cow
Bill Baetty
Diamond Joe
Old Crossroads
Rocksalt 'N Nails
Who Killed Poor Robin
Requiem For John Fahey